Employment mentoring has been found to have many benefits to newcomer mentees. TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP) is an occupation-specific mentoring program for skilled newcomers that has successfully helped thousands of newcomers build their professional networks and learn more about the Canadian workplace and the labour market. The demand for TMP programs currently far outweighs the supply. While TMP has had great success in recruiting mentors in some professions, it has had limited success in recruiting mentors from other professions. This research, supported by funding by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) Partnership Engage Grant sought to understand:

• What are the factors that facilitate being a professional mentor to newcomers?
• What are the factors that pose challenges to being a professional mentor to newcomers?

The study involved a mixed method design using surveys, interviews, and focus groups. 388 professionals participated in the online survey. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with 15 professionals who had never mentored/mentored with TMP, and 25 individuals who had been mentors or currently were mentors with TMP. The findings provide rich insights into facilitators and barriers to mentoring newcomers.


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