Arts Participation in Canadian Older Adults


As part of her research mandate as Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging at Sheridan College, CER researcher Dr. Kate Dupuis strives to understand how the arts can benefit all domains of health and well-being, and how we can encourage and foster creativity and self-expression in older adults. The papers in this collection explore potential barriers and facilitators to participation in the arts for Ontario older adults, examine how arts participation may have changed for Canadian older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic, and showcase work done in the arts, health, and aging space with community partners.


Submissions from 2022


Barriers and Facilitators to Arts Participation in Older Adults, Kate Dupuis


Arts Participation in Canadian Older Adults During COVID-19, Kate Dupuis and Emma Bender

Submissions from 2021


Concerts in Care Ontario: Evaluation of Performances, May-June 2021, Kate Dupuis, Candy Zhang, and Lia Tsotsos