The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research collaborated with Tyze Networks Inc., a company that provides a web-based application and corresponding app (of the same name) that enables caregivers to create a digital support system of (primarily) family members and friends to manage the care for an older adult or an individual living with a disability. This project helped Tyze broaden their understanding of how supportive healthcare and service organizations perceive and manage their interactions with family and other informal caregivers. This included exploring the value caregivers bring to these healthcare partners, the challenges of integrating caregivers into existing systems, and identifying which pathways to better collaboration would provide the greatest value to all parties. Tyze will use this information to develop their next generation application and convey the associated benefits for potential clients.

The From Caregiver to Care Partnerproject was funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Partnership Engage Grant.


Submissions from 2022


From Caregiver to Care Partner: A View From The Other Side, Centre for Elder Research and Tyze Networks