MAPArts: Memory Enhancement and Art Creation


Together with Elaine Brodie, a mixed media artist and designer and FAAD Faculty member, and Psychologists Drs. Angie Troyer and Susan Vandermorris from Baycrest Health Sciences, CER Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging Kate Dupuis created “MAPArts”, a project which combines a five-week standardized memory intervention (MAP) developed at Baycrest with five weeks of art-making designed to support and represent the learnings of MAP. The program is meant for individuals 50+ living in the community with no diagnosis of cognitive loss. Three iterations of the intervention have been completed since Fall 2020. Evaluation of MAPArts indicates high levels of satisfaction with the program and increased confidence in self-expression and use of art supplies. These findings support the combination of cognitive and creative interventions to support the health and well-being of older adults.


Submissions from 2021

MAPArts Program: The Combined Power of Memory + Creative Expression, Elaine Brodie and Kate Dupuis

MAPArts Relaxation Video: Deep Breathing, Kate Dupuis and Amir Sadeghi

MAPArts Relaxation Video: Visualization, Kate Dupuis and Amir Sadeghi