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Iam going to tell you about a story that was a turning point in my life. This story happened in 2016, when I started my work as a social worker with the Syrian refugees in Jordan. It was my job to provide psychological and social support to Syrian refugees, and I worked with the children who had not completed their education. Among these children was an eleven-year-old boy named Ahmed, who was smart and loved education very much. But Ahmed was shy, he had no self-confidence due to an injury to his foot that he got because of the war. He couldn’t walk on his leg. I worked with Ahmed for two hours every day to provide him with psychological support and help increase his self-confidence. I succeeded in doing so, as Ahmed became more sociable and made friends. I had also set a goal to make this child successful in his studies. I started to contact schools to register Ahmed as a student. I successfully enrolled him in a school near his home. He was an excellent student, and his average grade was 92%.

I was happy that this child was going to be successful in his life. I have learned from this experience that a person should not feel frustrated and hopeless and continue to achieve his/her dream like Ahmed, who did not despair. Now Ahmed in is grade 12 and is a brilliant student. I chose to tell you this story because on World Refugee Day, they talked about Ahmed’s success story, and I hope to watch him achieve his dream of becoming an engineer. I also hope all children have the chance to complete their education, and that all the wars in the world stop.

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Ahmed's Dream