My Tiny Friendship Story

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Short Story

It was my first day in Canada. I met her while I was at the mall, looking for a place to buy my morning coffee. She was standing in front of a store, waiting for her husband to pick her up. The way she was dressed looked so similar to mine, and she felt so familiar. She saw me look at her and she smiled, which encouraged me to step forward and talk to her. “Do you know if there’s any coffee shop around here?” I asked her timidly. “Is this your first time at this mall?” she replied, and I felt encouraged to talk with her and tell her I was brand new to Canada. We discovered we were from the same country. We exchanged phone numbers and met many times after that, at least twice a week, and we shared our experiences as newcomers to Canada. We became very close friends. It’s been five years since I came to Canada, but we are still close to each other, even though we now live in different cities. I really appreciate our friendship and I consider her a gift from God.

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