Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Across the Disciplines: ICE Stories

Sue Fostaty Young, Sheridan College
Meagan Troop, Sheridan College
Jenn Stephenson
Kip Pegley Pegley
John Johnston Johnston
Mavis Morton
Christa Bracci
Anne O'Riordan
Val Michaelson
Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill
Shayna Watson


“Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Across Disciplines: ICE Stories” is a collection of post-secondary teachers’ accounts of the ways the ICE model has influenced their thinking, their teaching, and their students’ learning. The model, informed by theories of cognition and transformative learning, serves as a framework that offers a conception of learning that resonates with both instructors and students alike. The model is simple without being simplistic and furnishes a vocabulary that serves to clarify thinking about what learning is and what it looks like in a variety of post-secondary teaching and learning contexts. That clarity of thinking and the ability to communicate about learning has enabled the authors of these chapters to become more purposeful in their approaches to teaching and assessment and their students to plan and reflect for their own improvement.