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music, musical composition, musical behaviour, Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI), MIDI synthesizers, software virtual instruments


Even though alternate musical controllers such as the Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) significantly extend the expressive range of MIDI synthesizers and software virtual instruments, the computer-based editing and manipulation of data produced by these controllers has remained in an undeveloped state. A primary problem has to do with the binding of note data to expressive information such as breath controller and pitch bend data. MIDI, originally designed as a real-time performance protocol, has very weak binding of such data into higher-level musical structures; so weak in fact that even note endings are unconnected to their beginnings. The author describes a binding paradigm and data structure which addresses this problem and which has proven very effective in the manipulation of recorded EWI MIDI performance. Four further challenges — data integrity, spurious notes, erratic velocities and inaccurate rhythm — are described along with the software solutions which have been developed to deal with them.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD)




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Degazio, B. (2008). Software tools for electronic wind instrument performance. eContact, 10(3). Retrieved from


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