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A Gilbert and Sullivan musical about an apprenticed pirate, Frederic, who is torn by conflicting loyalties but is ultimately a slave of duty. Apprenticed at a tender age to a pirate king until the age of 21, Frederic, feels compelled to destroy the gang when his apprenticeship is at an end. The period of apprenticeship as well as the comeliness of the old and wily nursery maid whom Frederic woos becomes open to dispute and the gang of pirates that would be betrayed by Frederic are revealed as noblemen. Things are not what they seem and yet everything is happily resolved.

By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

Director: Rod Maxwell

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Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


Major - General Stanley: J. Kevin Burnett
The Pirate King: Steven Wilbee
Samuel (his Lieutenant): Vernon Robert Hiller
Frederick (the Pirate Apprentice): Robin J. Williams
Sergeant of Police: Mark Cassius Ferguson
Mabel, General Stanley’s daughter: Cari L. Falllis
Edith, General Stanley’s daughter: Marianne Nugent
Kate, General Stanley’s daughter: Donna Bernhardt/Shelley L. Hines
Ruth (A Piratical Maid of all Work): Sonia May / Astrid Rammo

Chorus: Tim Alex, Tanya Allen, Michelle Anglin, Brenda Archer, Michele-Marie Beer, Sandy Bickerton, Jane Boswell, Suezi Boyer, Mark Candler, Roxanne Carriere, David Cumming, Michael John Davis, Shakura Davis, Monique Douek, A-Lee Doyle, Christy Eaglesham, Cheryl Hardy, Anne-Marie Harkin, Geoff Harrison, Scott Hopkins, Pamela Hryskiw, Kymberley Huffman, Glyndwr Thomas James, Catherine Luce, Kathy MacDonald, Steve MacDonald, , Gavin McLay, Cassel Miles, Julain Molnar, Kevin Nelson, Nancy Pataki, Therese Pitt, Linda Randle, Mickey Southcott, Mary-Anne Taylor, John Raymond Vetere, Tony Vieira, Buffy Wallace, Fiona Wheelband, Janice Wood, Dale Yearly


The Pirates of Penzance, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Maxwell, R. (Director). (1984, February 29 – March 24). The Pirates of Penzance [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

The Pirates of Penzance, February 29 – March 24, 1984



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