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A collection of performances by senior Sheridan theater students demonstrating their talent. A circus of song, dance, and laughter.

Director: Rod Maxwell

Choreographer: Gwen Bloom, Rod Maxwell, Cassel Miles, Maureen Shone

Musical Director: Alan Poaps

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


Timothy J. Alex, Michele-Marie Beer, Donna Bernhardt, Sandy Bickerton, Robin Blake, Jane Boswell, Suezi Boyer, Mark D. Candler, David Cumming, M.D. , Christy Eaglesham, Cari Lee Fallis, Anne-Marie Harkin, G.P. Harrison, Shelley L. Hines, Scott W. Hopkins, Pamela Hryskiw, Kymberley Huffman, Glyndwr Thomas James, Julian, Dianne G. Kay, Catherine Luce, Kathryn MacDonald, Cheryl Mareen, Sonia May, Gavin P. McLay, Kevin Nelson, Nancy Pataki, Linda Randle, Mary-Anne Taylor, John Raymond Vetere, Tony Vieira, Buffy Wallace, Fional Wheelband, Janice Wood, Dale T. Yearley, Christine Zimmerly


La Revue Encore, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

Terms of Use

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Theatre and Performance Studies


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Original Citation

Maxwell, R. (Director). (1984, April 18 – May 5). La revue encore [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

La Revue Encore, April 18 – May 5, 1984



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