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Director: Kaylee Harwood*
Writer/Composer: Britta Johnson
Music Director: Adam Sakiyama
Mentor: Robert McQueen*
Set Designer: Denise Lisson
Costume Designer: Katrina Carrier
Lighting Designer: BC Batty
Choreographer: Krista Leis
Sound Designer: Anna-Marie Grant
Projection Designer: Sean Nieuwenhuis

He Is Coming
As her neighborhood undergoes gentrification, 92-year-old portrait artist Irene prepares to move out of her home. As she packs her belongings, the paintings on her walls come to life and she reflects on and recollects memories and important moments in her life.

The Last Broadcast
The show is live on air and the ladies of The Beat are covering the hot topics of the day. There's a story about an approaching natural disaster that initially takes a back seat to other news but, as the show progresses, cannot be ignored. As confusion and panic sets in and the disaster advances, the ladies contemplate what to do and who to blame.

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Studio Theatre Sheridan College

Theatre Location

Studio Theatre Sheridan College


He Is Coming
Elysia Cruz (she/her): Irene
Duncan Lang (he/him): Bill
Jordan Goodridge: Frank
Jay Mosher (he/him): Marvin
Maya Harris-Harb (she/her): Janet
Juliette Schroeder (she/her): Charlotte

The Last Broadcast
Jillian Cooper: Diane
Bambi Kotus (she/her): Jackie
Annick Robledo (she/her): Jeanine
Corina Schuler: Patricia
Alex Smith: Todd Todds*
Ryan Sutherland (he/him): Brian
Annika Tupper (she/they): CJ
Ally Chozik: Ensemble
Jessa Richer (she/her): Ensemble
Nicholas Rocque (he/him): Ensemble
Kristen Thompson (they/she): Ensemble
Jude Levy: Ensemble


Sheridan, musical theatre

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Harwood, K. (Director). (December, 2022). He Is Coming. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Harwood, K. (Director). (December, 2022). The Last Broadcast. [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

In Studio: The Words and Music of Britta Johnson



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