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The purpose of this study was to inquire about a mother's perspective on their experiences regarding the availability of social support or services received shortly after delivering their child. Instant changes in mood swings, loss of sleep, burdensome feelings and foremost the occurrence of depressive symptoms are some of the challenges a mother faces in the postpartum period. Using a qualitative research method, the principal investigator interviewed five mothers in the Region of Peel that had given birth in the past year to gain an understanding of their recent experiences. One-on-one interviews were carried out so that mothers could share their insights in a comfortable and supportive environment. The interview protocol answers the research question, "what are mother's perspectives on the availability of social support/services they received after the birth of their child?". Five themes emerged from the findings of the study: difficulties in pregnancy, personal support vs public support, security and positivity, online assistance or networking, and importance of partner role. Findings from this study advise that personal vs public support and security and positivity hold a greater significance to all mothers. It also emphasizes the difficulties faced in pregnancy such as body awareness and health complications.

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Postpartum Depression, PPD, social support, depression, new mothers, pregnancy, body awareness, health complications


Medicine and Health Sciences | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies (FAHCS)

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The Availability of Social Support or Services for Mothers Following Birth