Undergraduate student participation in non-curricular research as a mechanism for gaining experience and social capital” is mixed method research project conducted by Dr. Bethany Osborne (Sheridan College), Dr. Ferzana Chaze (Sheridan College), Dr. Purnima George (Ryerson University) and Archana Medhekar (A.M Professional Corporation). The aim of the study is to understand the experiences of undergraduate students involved in non-curricular and the benefits and challenges in relation to the same. The research was reviewed and received ethics approval from the Research Ethics Boards at Sheridan College and Ryerson University in March 2021. A survey administered between February- June 2021 collected responses from 104 persons who had engaged in non-curricular research during their undergraduate experiences. In- depth interviews with conducted with 18 survey respondents who were agreeable to share their experiences through interviews. The study has generated rich data that shed light on the tremendous value such non-curricular research experiences can provide to undergraduate students.


Submissions from 2022


Undergraduate Student Participation in Non-Curricular Research: Preliminary Findings, Bethany Osborne, Ferzana Chaze, Purnima George, Archana Medhekar, Kate Sullivan, and Israa Abdulrahem