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The Avionics Made Simple textbook provides an overview of important and famous avionic and navigation systems, such as: ADF, ALS, DGPS, DME, DNS, GPS, HIS, ILS-GS, ILS-LOC, INS, IRS, LORAN-C, MB, MLS, NDB, OMEGA, RMI, RNAV, TACAN, VASIS, VOR, and VORTAC. The book attempts to follow a systematic structure with clear and concise terms. Every effort was taken to eliminate excessive details and outline the material in point format approach so as to enhance the swift comprehension and learning of the technical topic. As for the layout, we covered the avionic systems in a symmetrical fashion in order to simplify the comparison study among the various aerospace technologies. Major emphasis is given to the illustrations and diagrams so as to facilitate the understanding of the material. On occasions, a MATLAB programming code is used in order to assist in the computation of geometrical transformations. Overall, the content of the book is partitioned into two major sections: Preliminary and Avionics. The Preliminary section provides the necessary foundation to assist readers in basic aerospace facts that could be useful once the core of the material is reached. The Avionics section sequentially discusses the various technologies. For completeness purposes and context, older systems are highlighted in the book, albeit briefly. On the other hand, avionic systems that are relevant and important today and have a promising applicability in the future are thoroughly explained.


Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

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