An Exact Path-Loss Density Model for Mobiles in a Cellular System

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stochastic geometry, Monte Carlo simulation, spatial distribution, cellular communication, statistical modeling, statistical analysis, mobile radio, network geometry, cellular radio, mobile communication, path loss, uniform distribution, hexagon, geometry, network deployment


In trying to emulate the spatial position of wireless nodes for purpose of analysis, we rely on stochastic simulation. And, it is customary, for mobile systems, to consider a base-station radiation coverage by an ideal cell shape. For cellular analysis, a hexagon contour is always preferred mainly because of its tessellating nature. Despite this fact, largely due to its intrinsic simplicity, in literature only random dispersion model for a circular shape is known. However, if considered, this will result an unfair nodes density specifically at the edges of non-circular contours. As a result, in this paper, we showed the exact random number generation technique required for nodes scattering inside a hexagon. Next, motivated from a system channel perspective, we argued the need for the exhaustive random mobile dropping process, and hence derived a generic closed-form expression for the path-loss distribution density between a base-station and a mobile. Last, simulation was used to reaffirm the validity of the theoretical analysis using values from the new IEEE 802.20 standard.


Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

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