Simple and Generic Simulator Algorithm for Inhomogeneous Random Spatial Deployment

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cellular communication, cellular network, cellular radio, mobile communication, mobile network, mobile radio, stochastic geometry, spatial distribution, uniform distribution, network geometry, network deployment, geometry, large-scale fading, path loss, shadowing, interference, Monte Carlo simulation, random number generation, statistical modeling, statistical analysis


We conceptualized a straightforward and flexible approach for random spatial inhomogeneity by proposing the area-specific deployment (ASD) algorithm, which takes into account the clustering tendency of users. In fact, the ASD method has the advantage of achieving a more realistic heterogeneous deployment based on limited planning inputs, while still preserving the stochastic character of users position. We then applied this technique to different circumstances, and developed spatial-level network algorithms for controlled and uncontrolled cellular network deployments. Overall, the derived simulator tools will effectively and easily be useful for designers and deployment planners modeling a host of multi-coverage and multi-scale wireless network situations.


Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST)

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