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regression testing, prioritization, fault detection, redundancy, random selection


After maintenance, software requires regression testing for its validation. Prioritization of test cases for regression testing is required as software is tested under strict time and other constraints. A Pair-wise time-aware Test Case Prioritization (PTCP) technique has been proposed in this paper that determines the effectiveness of a test case on the basis of total number of faults present in software, number of faults detected till time, and the time of execution of different test cases. It selects that test case which determines maximum new faults, not yet detected, within minimum time. Thus prioritized test suite contains those test cases which are effective and tend to minimize repetitive faults detection. Through two comparative studies, it has been observed that with least wastage of time, the proposed technique performed equally well as other two parallel prioritizing techniques, Average Percentage of Fault Detection (APFD) based prioritization, and Optimal Test Case Prioritization (OTCP).


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)


Communications in Computer and Information Science



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Parashar P., Kalia A., Bhatia R. (2012). Pair-wise time-aware test case prioritization for regression testing. In: Dua S., Gangopadhyay A., Thulasiraman P., Straccia U., Shepherd M., Stein B. (eds) Information Systems, Technology and Management. ICISTM 2012. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 285, 285, 176-186.