Document Type

Capstone Open Access

Faculty Supervisor

Magdin Stoica

Domain Experts

Cherie Werhun

Date of Defense

Fall 12-10-2021


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

Program Name

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)


Applied Computing


The purpose of this mobile app is to provide the Sheridan students, the tools and the personal space to design and map their own development process. This process is essential as it is used to set goals and improve efficiency and productivity to make students more agile and resilient and enable them to reevaluate their goals based on the data collected. The ideal solution is to create that virtual space to allow them to self-asses with daily/weekly reflections, then set goals accordingly to find relevant opportunities and resources. By providing this platform, students would generate their own data to monitor their progress and drive their success. They would also be able to share their experiences with other students who are looking for guidance.