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Brandon McFarlane is the author of the book The Sheridan Notebook. Kristine Villeneuve and Devin Murray designed the images in the book The Sheridan Notebook.

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The Sheridan Notebook is an integral component to a series of studies that seek to better understand (1) the impact of adult colouring on creativity and mindfulness, and (2) the educational potential of adult colouring. A growing volume of research suggests there is a noteworthy connection between mindfulness and creativity: mindful individuals through presence, openness, acceptance, and self-inquiry are able to adopt many perspectives and pursue multiple solutions when solving problems—characteristics held by highly creative and innovative individuals.

This book synthesizes adult colouring with the “In and Out” note-taking technique—developed at the International Center for Studies in Creativity—to provide students with a novel way to develop their mindfulness skills in the classroom and beyond. Colouring promises to enhance mindfulness while the note-taking strategy deepens learning and retention of course material.



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  3. Save the SOURCE cover pages aside for future reference, and then fold the remaining printed pages in half to create The Sheridan Notebook.


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Funded through the Sheridan College Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities (SRCA) Growth Grants

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Adding Some Colour to the In-Class Experience, published in Curiosities the official blog of Sheridan on September 9, 2016.

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