Obtain an ISBN / ISSN

Sheridan Library offers an ISBN/ISSN registration service for books and serial publications (e.g., journals or magazines) to faculty, staff, and departments. An ISBN/ISSN is a unique identification number that improves discoverability, marketing, distribution, and analysis. Student publications sponsored by a faculty may also be eligible.

The Process

  1. Log-in or create a new SOURCE account with your Sheridan email address
  2. Fill out the required fields on the appropriate form and hit submit

Legal Deposit

Obtaining an ISBN from Sheridan Library does not mean that copies of your book are automatically deposited with Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Please note that you are legally required to send LAC copy(ies) of your publication for the purpose of building and preserving a Canadian collection of works:

  • For a print-based publication, mail two hard copies to LAC
  • For a digital-based publication, email a digital copy to
For more information on legal deposit, consult Library and Archives Canada.

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