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transformational learning, reflection, phronesis, business education, self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, personal growth


Our institution has launched five new innovative Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees in September 2014. The vision for the BBA degrees is to “To be an innovative business educator developing individuals who are ready to make a difference.” Our vision is to effectively prepare learners “as lifelong learners to ensure that their transition to … work environments is smooth and seamless”. Central to the BBA programs is the development of the “whole” learner. The BBA programs recognize the fact that it is the whole learner that engages in the process of learning. As a result, learners enter the BBA programs, do so, with their individual biographies (e.g. experiences, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, values and so on). One’s biography frames the way in which he or she engages with and makes sense of his or her world. We see this approach to learning grounded in spirituality (separate from religion) as it invites learners to explore their biography from an intrinsic perspective. Personal growth and learning are emergent and occur at the intersection and interpretation of each new experience with one’s biography. A shift is required when one cannot make sense of a new experience. This shift is the essence of learning and leads to personal growth and transformation. Transformation, therefore, occurs when one’s assumptions or world‐view are altered to reconcile new experiences with one’s biography.


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Golnaraghi, G., Grant, G., & Longmore, A. (2015). On becoming you: Creating a transformational learning culture in business education through critical reflection. Paper presented at the Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress 2015 Challenges for the Future, Barcelona, Spain.

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