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myth, Jung, stereotypes, feminist theory, women


The function of a story (myth) is the art of using words to produce pictures in the minds of the listeners. Those pictures combine with the situation at hand to create a powerful lasting message capable of producing change. Although players and circumstances vary with time and place, there remains something unalterable and true at the core of myths. Myths are not just told; they are felt, they resonate throughout the body as well as the mind. We believe that a conscious use of mythology as a pathway to the imagination is a powerful key to the challenge of gender identity and relations in the workplace. Working from a mythic stance allows for emotional engagement and begins the revitalization of gender relations within organizational life.


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Grant, G. and Golnaraghi, G. (2013) Deconstructing Cinderella and Shahrazad: Mythology through a feminist phronetic lens. Paper presented at the Eighth International Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester, England.

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