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hero’s journey, organizational transformation, leadership


Whether they admit it or not, our organizations are in trouble and face an uncertain future. The world in which they operate is changing rapidly and fundamentally yet the majority of our current organizational leaders continue to be command-control driven and to operate in much the same way as they have done since taken the helm. Paradoxically, this organizational vulnerability is also occurring at a time when generational diversity has the potential to exert the greatest influence over the course of an organization’s development and generate the leadership so needed to help it weather the storms ahead.

In order to adapt to the realities of a globally networked economy and meet the rising expectations of consumers, both internal and external, leaders must grasp the opportunities afforded by technology and the insights of modern science to re-think their role and practice at the most fundamental level.


Reprinted with permission of the publisher. From Re-Visioning the Heroes Journey: A story of something old-something new," by Ginger Grant, Integral Leadership Review, 14(3), copyright© (2014) by (Ginger Grant), Integral Leadership Review, Integral Publishers, Tucson AZ. All rights reserved.


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