Most Recent Additions*


Research and Innovation at Sheridan College: What does it have to do with me?
Lia Tsotsos, Michelle Chrétien, Ed Sykes, Spencer Idenouye, Michael Rubinoff, and Renée Devereaux


Bullying between older adults: What is happening in Ontario?
Kirsten Madsen, Liza Franses, and Kathryn Warren-Norton


Student engagement through social action
Nicole Johnson, Anna Gibbs, Anthony Warren, Saadia Salamath, and Sandria Gillespie


Sheridan Creates An Art Hive
Susan Beniston


Rethinking Crime, Community, & Justice: A Symposium for Practitioners and Volunteers
Mary Louise Noce, Philippa Tomczak, Garry Glowacki, Rai Reece, Kaitlyn Quinn, Abigail Salole, and Wali Shah


Wellness Portal for the Sheridan Community
Ida Gianvito and Jacinda Frazer


Sheridan's Research Centres and Entrepreneurship Hub: Opportunities for participation
John Helliker, Lia Tsotsos, Ed Sykes, Spencer Idenouye, Michelle Chrétien, Renée Devereaux, and Michael Rubinoff

*Updated as of 01/19/19.