A Lack of Support for Refugee Families Causes Harm to Refugee Children in Canada

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refugee, children, youth, family, immigration, support, advocacy, cultural awareness, hardship, advanced issues


Refugees are people who have fled their countries because of a well-founded fear of persecution. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency’s recent statistics, there are “79,5 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes, and among them nearly 26 million refugees, around half of whom are under the age of 18” (The United Nation Refugee Agency, 2020). Since refugees face many traumatic events before and after migration, proper support from the host country is critical. Besides, the accessibility to the support that is financially, psychologically, and culturally appropriate is vital to refugee families’ well-being. In this research paper, we will be discussing how a lack of support does harm to refugee children. We will analyze the existing support programs that are available for refugee families in present, and how they have been helpful for refugee children and families.


Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)

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