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Umar Arshad

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architectural technology, schematic design, renovation, plan drawing, adaptive reuse, building science, studio 6

Design Concept

Introducing a new facility to help decrease the risk of cancer with Fire Fighters. A new development that is implementing different type of sustainable features like green roof, solar panels to help with better air quality for fire fighters when at rest at base.

Before you look at the new plans, lets see why it is necessary for a renovation. This building was built in 1977, the ventilation in the building is poor which makes fire fighters at a higher risk of cancer. Everything is clustered in the building and there is no privacy given.
In the new design, the building is divided in 3 parts. Hot zones, Transition Zones, Cold Zone. The new design has two separate exhaust system to help with air ventilation. Providing privacy in dorm areas and adding more space to kitchen and day room. Hallways are the transition zone allowing more separation and helps with a better circulation in the building.


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

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