Fire Station 204


Mehak Mehak

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architectural technology, schematic design, renovation, plan drawing, adaptive reuse, building science, studio 6

Design Concept

Firefighers risks their life to save ours. They suffer greater mental stress as a result of their work. The main objective is to come up with different ways of reducing toxicity and to make the fire statiion a place where firefighters feel at home. To do so, it is important to incorporate a decontamination bay, separate from the apparatus bay. It is designed for the decontamination of the trucks and for the firefighters to strip their gear and shower before even entering the rest of the station. New hallways are created to separate public and private spaces. The new design is complete with a sunroom, living room and an enlarged outdoor patio; this gives it the perfect touch of home. The new addition also focuses on creating spaces with better exposure to sunlight and green features which are beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing.


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

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Mehak, M. (2020, June, 27). Brampton fire station 204. Studio 6 summer 2020.