Fire Station 204


Sungmin Lee

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architectural technology, schematic design, renovation, plan drawing, adaptive reuse, building science, studio 6

Design Concept

Imagine how a person can be on hold itself in readiness for action. Fire fighters are one of those people who acquit themselves of their duty for 24 hours. It may affect their work in terms of safety when they are on mission and it would affect their mental and physical health even worse. Not only they are fighting against the fire, but they also fight against themselves to carry out their duty to the fullest. The environment would be the most important to keep them mentally and physically healthy to serve the best with safety. Providing a distraction-free place for fire fighters will make them feel as comfortable as they are relaxing at their own house. Private and other well-designed public use spaces are proposed in this building for the occupants to relax, rest and accommodate. Therefore, the enhanced implementation of renovations will improve and develop the quality of individuals' life.


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology (FAST)

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Lee, S. (2020, June, 24). Brampton fire station 204. Studio 6 summer 2020.