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Bushra Shaikh

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architectural technology, schematic design, renovation, plan drawing, adaptive reuse, building science, studio 6

Design Concept

The Cubitt’s Corner, located in Brockton, Ontario, a small town just outside Paisley, is roughly a 4-storey silo that is used primarily as a storage space. With no existing floor partitions or windows, it would allow for 1200 sq feet of floor space at most.

The design for the Paisley Mill located in Brockton, ON, would be in ode to all the locals and artists and would provide the town of Brockton a new hub for social events and gatherings. Retaining the overall aesthetic of this mill was crucial therefore, in order to maintain the silo’s rustic look, the roof and the exterior finish would remain as is and classic casement windows would be used all around the structure to bring in natural light and to provide ventilation. For the new additions such as the vestibule and canopies, traditional wood siding would be incorporated to complement the existing finish.

The building would be built using Wood Framing construction style. The exterior wall of the new vestibule addition is a traditional wood siding assembly and has a R value of approximately 50.928. The columns used are 300x300 Glulam Columns and almost all columns were retained during the design process. As for the roof, both the shape and the materiality of the structure were retained. The floors inside the building have been given beautiful, warm toned wood that compliments the overall color scheme. The 3D wall section has been taken through the south facing side of the building and shows the new vestibule addition, the wine and cheese tasting restaurant, the workspaces, and the bakery area. The roof over the wine and cheese tasting restaurant has grand skylights that lights up each dining space and brings in more natural light.


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