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Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic illness affecting many people around the world and requires a significant amount of knowledge and understanding to properly manage. The lack of general awareness is daunting and impacts Diabetics both physically and mentally. Although there are technological advances and ways to manage it, many fail to realize the difficulty of doing so daily for the rest of their lives as one “cure” does not exist. Many Type 1 Diabetics suffer when faced with hardship that naturally derives from complications with Diabetes and often face secondary illnesses such as anxiety or depression as a result. This study will focus on building essential self-management strategies to ensure T1D’s are receiving the proper information and tools to manage their illness in an optimal fashion. A research questionnaire was conducted to collect data regarding T1D personal experiences and difficulties to better understand which areas of self-management Diabetics struggle with the most. The research found that the areas in which T1D’s struggled the most were time management, mental illnesses due to having Diabetes, funding involved with Diabetes and lack of access to useful technology. Some complications with the study arise due to the personal connection of the researcher to the disease. Another limitation is the sample size of the study which is low and can reduce the accuracy of the study. Through this research, changes to our environments can result in aiding the T1D community. In more depth, Interior Design can benefit a space to support inclusivity and awareness of the Type 1 Diabetes Community to thrive and reduce the amount of work involved with managing the deadly disease.


A thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelors Degree of Interior Design, Sheridan College Institute of Technology.


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design (FAAD)

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