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This poster emerged from Hui Shi's research paper titled “Social support for palliative family caregivers: A literature review.” The paper and poster were assignments in the course Introduction to Applied Research in Social Services (Year 1, Semester 2) in the Social Service Worker Gerontology program. This poster was presented during the final week of the school term at an in-class research conference with the presence of all class members, the professor of the course, one other professor of the field practicum course, and the Associate Dean of School of Community Studies.

"Through this research project, I learned that industrialized countries are increasingly exploring home-based palliative care in the past 10 years or so, and that this trend has transferred greater responsibility of care on family members. I have identified that there is a great diversity of needs among the population of family caregivers in a Canadian society based on their gender, culture and geography. Field professionals should be aware of the diversity among this population, in order to accurately assess their needs, before any meaningful and adequate social support could be provided." Hui Shi - 2nd year Social Service Worker-Gerontology Student.

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social support, palliative family caregivers, Ontario, social service work, student poster


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