Teaching beyond the textbook

Reconstructing our cultural memory and experiencing the past by applying the principles of experimental and interpretative archaeology, students in the class ANTH18731 GD Cultural Anthropology and ANTH20088 GD Anthropology of Music have the powerful experience to connect directly to our cultural history.

The creative process of reconstructing people’s ideas, beliefs and emotions through replicas of the objects or visual interpretation of music, help students to get in touch with cultural realities beyond the conventional learning experience and to go beyond the textbook. Visual interpretations of Jazz and the replicas of original ancient pottery, theater masks, figurines, religious symbols, weapons, or ancient Egyptian and Greek papyrus documents and musical instruments are researched and made by students in ANTH 18731Gd Cultural anthropology and ANTH20088GD Anthropology of Music as a creative component of their assignment.

Student Project Collections celebrate students’ creative thinking, imagination, originality, curiosity and love of knowledge - the key components in learning and student success.


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