Swastika the Town at Odds with History

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Swastika Ontario, swastika symbol, World War II, good luck, Kirkland Lake Ontario, gold mines


The project starts with the introduction of the town of Swastika and its founding and early history elaborating on exact dates and persons associated with the town itself, establishing its place in history, then we move on to the story of the symbol of the Swastika itself and then we explain the controversy of the town, such as the problem child Unity Mitford and the Nazi party itself also pointing out the controversy for the symbol it is named for then we move on the defense of the name and the solution, ending with the conclusion. The idea of our project was to give the historical and factual context to the name of Swastika and to make the name understandable, why did the founder name its Swastika and why did they refuse to change it when World War 2 broke out.

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