History of Swastika, Ontario and its Controversies

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Swastika Ontario, swastika symbol, World War II, good luck, Kirkland Lake Ontario, gold mines


This Weebly website is separate into 5 sections for viewers to understand the content at their own pace. The main page, which is the home of the website, will be talking about the beginnings of Swastika, Ontario, the purpose of the town’s creation and its initial reasoning behind the name. “The Symbol” page will expand upon the historical events the swastika was involved in and the evidence of the actions against the use of it. “Locations” - this page will be about the multiple places that are called or named and mainly focused on ones that have been subject to recent neo-Nazi activity. “Viewpoints” - offers to divulge into the many aspects of why the name is complicated and presents both sides of the argument. “Solution” - shows our solution to the controversial name, by adding additional educational plaques.

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