Sir John A Macdonald and the Controversy of Statues Dedicated to Him

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Sir John A Macdonald, controversial commemorations, statues, Canadian Pacific Railway, confederation, residential schools


This website offers an educational guide to help readers understand the historical events that Sir John A Macdonald set in motion that allowed for the oppression of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, and why the statues that are erected in his honour are receiving backlash in modern day, and how we could solve this issue. The website is divided into sections, with the homepage introducing the project and what our goal of the website is in educating viewers on historical events that are affecting us now. There is then a section dedicated to Macdonald, explaining the events and acts he was involved with that directly affected the Indigenous population. There is then a section on the statues that are currently facing backlash in the communities and need changes. We then have a viewpoint page that offers looks into both sides of the argument on the statues, as Macdonald is an important aspect of Canadian history as the first Prime Minister, and additionally why the statues are offensive and represent a racist man who set in motion cultural erasure. The last section is our resolution, where we provide a solution to this problem by suggesting additional plaques explaining the things he did while in office as well as erecting statues and commemorations celebrating Indigenous people and their culture.

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