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Spring 2024


education, immigrants, community


Education serves as a structured pathway for immigrants to establish a sense of community and belonging in their new country. Through the consistency and frequency of interactions within educational environments, immigrants have the opportunity to form meaningful friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds. These connections not only enhance their quality of life but also facilitate a smoother transition into their adopted homeland. By engaging in academic pursuits alongside fellow students, immigrants find camaraderie and support, fostering a sense of belonging that transcends cultural barriers. In essence, the educational community becomes a sanctuary where immigrants can thrive socially and academically, forging bonds that enrich their experiences and provide a vital network of support during times of adaptation and adjustment. This StoryMap explores how education impacted the immigration experiences of Frances Borg from Italy, Mrs. Margaret Wappel from Hungary, and Lobna Hassan and Abde Amr from Egypt.


Faculty of Humanities & social Sciences (FHASS)

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