Virtual Museum Exhibit: Residential Schools

Yuexian Wu, Sheridan College
Fares Abushanab, Sheridan College
Yufei Zou, Sheridan College
Josee Cadaba, Sheridan College

Access: Unaccessible. They created a game that does not really lend itself to being posted.


For our project, we have chosen to go with a different style and approach towards our topic. Transforming a mundane and greyscale experience of a 2D paper presentation on a specific topic into a well developed video game that conveys and delivers our points and messages in a fun and constructive manner. We chose to go a different path than what’s usually taken, by showing that the possibilities for enriching Public history are truly limitless. With that, we chose to focus on 4 main categories that address the initial topic of Residential Schools:

1) The Erasure of Culture Identity: Stripped and Shaved - In this section of the exhibit, we have extracted an image of a student being shaved to fit the image of the Catholic Church, as well as an image of a pair of shoes that belonged to a young child that had attended the Residential Schools. More information on these graves can be accessed by talking to the NPC next the respective sign.

2) In the supposed Image of God: The Reality of Everyday Life: This section of this exhibit is meant to display the everyday life of students who had lived in Residential Schools. Images include the Cafeteria and Dorm areas where the living standards are far from acceptable.

3) Educated for Free Labour: In this section of the Museum, we delve into the different areas of education that were taught at Residential Schools, and how this was converted into free labour for these institutions.

4) Art as a Form of Healing & What Remains of the Trauma: In this room, users are able to examine the artwork of Mark Atleo, who was a Residential School survivor. The NPC serves as a medium for the player to speak to the artist, as he talks about how art had helped him cope. Also on display at this exhibit is known as “The Strap” which was used to discipline children at the Residential Schools, discovered by Rudy Bruyere, who was also a Residential School survivor. You are also able to talk tohis NPC to gain more information.