The Harsh Reality of Discovering Northwestern Canada

Kirti Nihawan, Sheridan College
Amardeep Gill, Sheridan College
Andrew Tu, Sheridan College


To illustrate what Oliver Beers would have been subjected to while being captive with the native people of Northwestern America, we will be creating an interactive visual presentation which walks the reader through the experience. Beers would have been put through many tough experiences, a change of living conditions and a completely foreign diet. Understanding how the natives from the area and era lived, the food they ate, and their routines and practices will give us a better idea of what Beers was put through. Presenting these unique experiences with the use of an interactive presentation tool to help visualize and understand the conditions would be a good method. Tools such as Prezi or Genially are both good options as they allow us to present different ideas, visuals and examples in an interactive and engaging way. We want the audience to be put in Oliver Beers shoes back in 1793 and empathize with his experiences