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The Internet: Public History Project

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Winter 2022


Internet, history of the Internet, Internet development, evolution of the internet


This project mainly introduces the history of the Internet and the advantages and disadvantages brought by the Internet to human beings. Through this project, we can clearly understand the definition of the network, how the network was invented and developed. While the internet has done a wonderful job connecting us all, it has a profound negative impact on our mental health. Through the separation of time, we can more clearly show the influence of the Network on the main public.

The Internet is a global network that can connect computers and other devices all over the world. through the internet, people make connections with others. No matter how far they are, what time it is and how the weather is. They can talk, search, and communicate. It is a great invention for people.

We used data to analyze the evolution of the Web from 1900 to today. The history of the Internet is very mysterious and interesting. We analyze the development of the network by reading and understanding the materials. In analyzing the history of the network, we find that the network is not only a carrier, but also a product of our communication. For example, people can transfer documents to the Internet. The primary source is our focus of reference. When analyzing the advantages and disadvantages brought by the network, we applied a large number of secondary sources. Comparing the sources together is good for our project, we read the sources detailly in order to figure out the main thesis of the project.


Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FHASS)

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