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Sheridan, Sheridan College, Queen Elizabeth II, Daycare


Our project theme is designed to highlight Sheridan's growing reputation within the

community. This project features two stories: the Queen's visit and the daycare at the Trafalgar campus.

Sheridan is more than just a school; it boasts a thriving reputation as a renowned and

artistic institution with exceptional students and alumni. Its nationwide notoriety demonstrates the school's commitment to community engagement. Sheridan is not just situated in Oakville; it actively contributes to the development of the Oakville community, focusing on nurturing the area's youth.

Our first story about the daycare illustrates the vital role this institution plays in the

education of children in our community. Striving for change and investing in the future of the youth is crucial, and Sheridan takes a hands-on approach to these goals. It offers a progressive educational experience and has been a mainstay for decades.

Our second project documents Queen Elizabeth II's visit on October 10th, 2002. This

monumental event elevated Sheridan's reputation and was an honour for the entire community. The Queen's visit showcased Sheridan's excellence and commitment to providing top-quality education, instilling pride in everyone associated with the institution. Additionally, the visit reinforced the strong relationship between Sheridan and the community, emphasizing the school's role as a cultural and educational hub in the region.

In summary, our project encapsulates the essence of Sheridan's reputation and its deep

connections to the community. We hope it inspires others to join us in our pursuit of excellence and progress.


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