For this collaborative project, students are asked to research the lives, the works, and the major contributions to local and global culture of Queer leaders and luminaries. There are no chronological or other conditions attached to this project, meaning that students could choose historical figures, like the poet, Sappho, as well as contemporary Queer leaders in culture, which includes activists, academics, and even celebrities. Students were tasked with doing research into these individuals’ lives, and, collaboratively, to plan, write, record, and edit their submissions into a 20-minute podcast digital object to share with the community.

This project is the final assignment in Peter Grevstad's CULT24754GD, LGBTQ+ Studies. The final projects are testament to student curiosity, to learning through research, and to the development of technical skills in the service of an academic and social project in the area of Queer Studies, to bring awareness to the significant and lasting contributions that these Queer Heroes and Heroines have made to global cultures.

This is a longterm project, and more podcasts will be added each semester. My students and I hope that these offer opportunities for listeners to learn about Queer social and cultural actions and contributions both historically and contemporaneously, by brave individuals who rose up, and rise up, against entrenched homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and discrimination, and to demonstrate that Queer people are not so different from their heterosexual contemporaries, as they made and continue to make positive contributions to historical and contemporary societies. We hope you enjoy learning about these SuperQueeros as much as we have enjoyed learning about and documenting their accomplishments.

To learn more about professor Grevstad's new breadth elective CULT24754GD, LGBTQ+ at Sheridan please refer to the article “An Experience Worth Wanting:” An Interview with Peter Grevstad.


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