GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities



Events from 2021

ReDesigning Lives: Learning How Space Impacts Residents in Affordable Supportive Housing Initiatives (Flash Talk), Shannon Pirie and Bethany Osborne

Books from 2020

Creative Campus Design Talk: Redesigning Lives, Emma Cubitt, Graham Cubitt, Bethany Osborne, and Shannon Pirie


Team MKS Oakvillage Hackathon Submission, Pave Denisov, Dave Clark, Shannon Pirie, Majdi Haddad, Steven Chen, Nicole Ann Bermudez, Tim Corcoran, and Mark Hillis

Redesigning Lives: Learning How Space Impacts Residents in Affordable Supportive Housing Initiatives, Bethany Osborne and Shannon Pirie

Submissions from 2019


Mostly White, Christian, and Straight: Informational and Institutional Erasure of LGBTQ and Ethnoculturally Diverse Older Adults on Long-Term Care Homes Websites, Ferzana Chaze, Sulaimon Giwa, Nellie Groenenberg, and Bianca Burns

Navigating the Spaces Between Racial/Ethnic and Sexual Orientation: Black Gay Immigrants’ Experiences of Racism and Homophobia in Montreal, Canada, S. Giwa, K. Norsah, and Ferzana Chaze

Books from 2018

Community Practices in India: Lessons from the Grassroots, Purnima George, Geeta Balakrishnan, Vaijayanta Anand, and Ferzana Chaze

Mostly White, Christian and Straight: Informational and institutional erasure of LGBTQ and racialized older adults on long-term care homes' websites, Nellie Sheppard, Ferzana Chaze, and Bianca Burns

Events from 2017


CTL TLA3 posters | Community as the classroom: Bringing the real world into the SSW classroom through a Halton Region research collaborative, Ferzana Chaze and Bethany Osborne


Halton Region Youth In/At Risk Research Report, Ferzana Chaze, Bethany Osborne, and Thomas Howe

Submissions from 2014


The Art of Remembering: Iranian Political Prisoners, Resistance and Community, Bethany Osborne