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online learning challenge, challenge mitigation, College teaching, online learning design, online learning implementation, online learning evaluation, curriculum development, educational management, professional development


Online learning offers a flexible learning environment, allowing colleges to attain a global presence and provide a higher caliber of student learning experiences. The implementation of online learning, however at the educational institution can lead to various challenges across three main clusters: students, faculty, and management. An overview of these challenges, based on the review of the current literature, is provided in this paper along with appropriate mitigation strategies. A generalized roadmap is established in this article that illustrates how the transition from face-to-face to online courses can be managed using a series of key steps in three critical phases during online course development: prior to, during, and post course development. The roadmap is applicable to educational institutions interested in starting their online learning journey and can provide additional guidance to institutions with an already established online presence. It facilitates the creation of well-structured online courses for students, ensures faculty are enrolled in professional development activities that support delivery of online courses, and supports managers in developing effective plans to implement technology infrastructure and create policies to support successful online learning.


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