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Set in 1920’s to 1930’s Berlin, when avant-garde Germany is shifting to reflect Hitler’s totalitarian regime.

Clifford Bradshaw, an aspiring American writer finds himself wandering into a Berlin nightclub, Kit Kat Club, and meets a cabaret performer, Sally Bowles. Their relationship develops into a romance and is complicated by stirrings of Nazi conspirators. Cliff decides to leave Nazi Germany and encourages Sally to come with him to America but she is unwilling to leave her Berlin lifestyle.

Cabaret is an unflinching political musical with songs by John Kander and Fred Ebb. Adapted for theatre by Joe Masteroff from the Christopher Issherwood’s The Berlin Stories.

Director: Greg Peterson

Choreographer: Andrea Mann

Musical Director: Greg Andrews

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Master of Ceremonies/Emcee: Sal Figliomeni, Mike Therriault

Kit Kat Club Staff
Max, the proprietor: Howard Jackson
Gunter, the Maitre D’: Graham Vick
Gustav, a Waiter: Jay Davis
Wilhelm, a Waiter: John Dixon
Sabu, the Bartender: J.D. Ibay

Kit Kat Klub Band
Eve, on Piano and Accordion: Sarah Jane Hood
Salome, on Trombone and Tuba: Brenda Massey
Delilah, on Tenor Sax: Ryan Kelly
Jezebel, on Percussion: Matt Hussey

Kit Kat Klub Girls
Heidi: Stephanie Graham
Inga: Laila Moos
Christina: Sid Kroach
Marci: Karen Westbye
Betty: Kara Tremel
Helga: Hannah Strong

Kit Kat Klub Performers
Gerhardt Schlogelheimer, a Juggler: David Dunlop
Uta, Mud Wrestler #1: Lizzie Kurtz
Gesa, Mud Wrestler #2: Cathy Hansen
Rolf Rheiner, a Ventriloquist: Doug Millar

Sally Bowles: Allison deWaal, Eve Ogle

Clifford Bradshaw: Daniel Speck, Hank Verhoeven

Ernst Ludwig: Mark Umphrey

German Customs Officer #1: Howard Jackson
German Customs Officer #2: Graham Vick

Fraulein Schneider: Kelly Green, Michelle Jackett

Fraulein Kost: Cecilia Bennett, Shelly Cass

Herr Schultz: Ray McKenna, Marcello Tulipano

German Sailors
Karl: David Dunlop
Otto: Matt Hussey
Rudy: Ryan Kelly

Ilsa, a Genuine Flapper: Cathy Hansen
Bobby Spencer, a Kit Kat Regular: Michael Finnerty
Victor Klimpt, his Friend: Doug Millar

Taxi Man: Doug Millar

Two Ladies
Blonde: Stephanie Graham
Brunette: Laila Moss

Nazi Youth #1: David Dunlop
Nazi Youth #2: John Dixon

Gorilla: Stephanie Graham

Body Guard #1: David Dunlop
Body Guard #2: Matt Hussey

Kit Kat Klub Patrons
Girls: Nicole Fitzgerald, Cathy Hansen, Nanci Henderson, Sarah Jane Hood, Lizzie Kurtz, Brenda Massey
Boys: David Dunlop, Michael Finnerty, Ryan Kelly, Jay Davis, John Dixon, Matt Hussey, Doug Millar


Cabaret, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Peterson, G. (Director). (1995, February 9 – 25). Cabaret [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Cabaret, February 9 – 25, 1995



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