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Les Вelles Soeurs created quite а stir when it was first presented at the Theatre du Rideau-Vert in 1968. Some people found the language incomprehensible (Michel Tremblay used the Joual dialect particular to Montreal's working class) and many felt it presented them negatively.

Les Вelles Soeurs is probably more important for Canadians today than it was in 1968. Then, it meant to confirm what most Quebecers already knew-that their society is distinct. Michel Tremblay illustrated over 20 years ago а particularly Canadian paradox-that this country's cherished, vast cultural diversity is also one of the reasons for its frail unity. This was never meant to be а grand political statement or а message of doom, but rather а simple statement of fact.

Tremblay also deals with very universal issues. He touches on the haves and the have-nots of any society. The play is about pride, jealousy, envy, independence, greed, lust, betrayal, loyalty and family. As English Canadians, we tend to think of ourselves as passive, sometimes even boring, as we bemoan а lack of identity. After the October Crisis, Free Trade, Meech Lake, Oka, and Les Вelles Soeurs, we can say without hesitation that we are like any other distinct society on this planet-incessantly human.

Director: Paul Lampert

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Germaine Lawson: Jane Simser-Ellsworth
Linda Lawson: Michele McErlean
Rose O'Connor: Julie Martin
Gabby Jordan: Shawna Lance
Elizabeth De Courval: Colleen Park
Mary-Agnes Brodin: Ann Hunter
Yvonne Long: Suzanna Read
Denise Fitzgerald: Heather Moore
Teresa Brooks: Erin Keaney
Olive Brooks: Melissa McCallum
Rhonda Butler: Dorothy Routledge
Lisa Packard: Debra Corbeil
Pauline Garret: Susan Fry


Les Belle Soeurs, Michel Tremblay, Quebec, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Lambert, P. (Director). (1990, November 22 – December 1). Les belle souers [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Les Belles Soeurs, November 22 – December 1, 1990



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