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Surely there has never been a spring more filled with portent in the history of the young Canadian Dominion than this of 1916. Across the sea in Europe, the Great War continues to be waged-while here at home, events less sanguine but hardly less explosive, nor in any way less crucial to the future of the infant nation, seem even now to be building to a climax.

On January 27th last (1916), in consequence of the indefatigable efforts of a tiny but valiant group of remarkable women, our sister province of Manitoba became the first in all of Canada to grant her female citizens the franchise. Even now the crucial votes are approaching in Saskatchewan and Alberta as well. Can the eastern provinces and, nay, the very Federal Parliament be far behind? Yet how can we feel certain of victory, when so many such measures - approved, the Members of our Society have no doubt, by all just-minded citizens of either sex - have nevertheless been defeated, time and time again, in every Legislature in our land?

The East Arrow Bend Artistic and Literary society, renowned throughout the area for its efforts to maintain a bastion of enlightened culture on the very doorstep of Philistinism, adopted resolutions in favour both of Woman Suffrage and of Prohibition at the time this territory attained its provincial status, eleven years ago. We admit that our record since may not have placed us in the forefront of local politics, yet none will deny that many a diverting and illuminating evening has been spent at our concerts, recitations, and lectures. Now, for the first time, Theatre Sheridan takes great pride in presenting a drama – a drama, moreover, celebrating the recent triumph of Mrs. Nellie McClung and her brave Political Equality League. As an added treat, Theatre Sheridan has incorporated several of the favourite songs of the Suffrage and Temperance movements, and even one or two from the Music Hall repertoire (we trust the ladies will not find them too risqué!) For surely now is the time when all right-thinking citizens must put aside their hesitations and stand up to be counted. Prejudice can be overcome! Petitions will be circulating during the performance; we pray that our patrons will take full advantage of them to make their opinions known!

A satire by Diane Grant and company.

Director: Patrick Young

Choreographer: Patrick Young & Anne Marie Massicotte

Musical Director: Jean Minielly

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Sir Rodmond Roblin, Premier of Manitoba: Mr. Rob Iseman
P.T. Fletcher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier: Mr. Philip Wallace
Nellie L. McClung, Social Reformer, Novelist, and Suffragist: Miss Ann Hunter
Frances Marion Beynon, Journalist and Suffragist: Miss Jennifer Magee
E. Cora Hind, Agriculture Expert and Journalist: Miss Arlene Tijrner
Lillian Beynon Thomas, Journalist and Suffragist: Miss Erin Hindle
Al, Gerry, Mr. Ackroyd, Franchise Petitioner: Mr. Brent Wees
Mr. Wilson, Mr. Black, C.P. Walker, T.C. Norris: Mr. Kent Schenk
Factory Girl 1, Adelaide Roblin, Ladies' Trio, Millicent: Miss Susan Fry
Factory Girl 2, Ladies' Trio, Charwoman, Evelyn: Miss Anne-Marie Massicotte
Pianist And Choirmistress: Professor Jean Minielly

W.C.T.U. Members, Factory Workers, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Members of the Mock Parliament, Etc: The Company


What Glorious Times They Had – Nellie McClung, Canadian Woman Suffrage and Temperance Movement, Manitoba, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Young, P. (Director). (1991, March 27 – April 20). What glorious times they had - Nellie McClung [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

What Glorious Times They Had – Nellie McClung, March 27 – April 20, 1991



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