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The show focuses on the relationship between busy TV personality, Tess Harding, and her relationship with the handsome cartoonist, Sam Craig. As Tess is about to win a ‘Woman of the Year’ award, she realizes that she values her relationship with Sam more than her hectic career which is ruining their relationship. Thus, she announces to the world that she is resigning from the show to devote herself to Sam. However, Sam tells her that he wants her to keep her career and they both resolve to work things out and give it another try. Director: Rod Maxwell

Choreographer: Len Gibson

Musical Director: Alan Poaps & Tom McPherson

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall, Sheridan


Chairperson: Donna Greenidge-Ross
Tess Harding: Donna Dwyer, Cara Lee Pendlebury
Chip Salisbury: Jonathan Russell
Gerald: David Connolly
Pinky Peters: Liam Patrick McDonald
Phil Witaker: Martin Knauer
Sam Craig: Paul McQuillan, Ian Simpson
Ellis McMaster: Christopher Furlong
Abbott Canfield: Gary Mitchell
Marie: Lou Burgess
Helga: Sharron Matthews, Luisa Appolloni
Alexi: Barry Higgins, Alex Bodnar
Jan Donovan: Sherry Lee Chandler, Jamie Blake
Larry Donovan: Allan Clow
Tony: Curtis Lessels
Prescott: Andrew Shanen
Katz: Sal Scozzari
Ballet Mistress: Tracey Letoumeau
Dance Captain: Liz Gilroy
Vocal Captains: David Connolly, Jenni Burke

The Chorus
Tanya Abulnar, Kristi Breen, Jenni Burke, Karen Cohen, Melissa Duga, Jennifer Fagan, Liz Gilroy, Lina Giomofelice, Donna Greenidge-Ross, Carol Hohenadel, Jemmie Phillips, Karen LeBlanc, Tracey Letoumeau, Kathleen Lynch, Sarah Sked, Anne Speare, Terrie Turai, Heather Cherron, Michael Lawrence, Robb Matthews, Clayton Bayne


Woman of the Year, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Maxwell, R. (Director). (1988, November 17 – December 10). Woman of the year [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Woman of the Year, November 17 – December 10, 1988



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