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Set in London in 1735 in a time of lewdness and corruption a young woman, Hilaret, embarks on eloping with her beloved and instead is caught in a street scuffle and encounters a young gentleman named Ramble. The unlikely pair are hauled in front of a corrupt judge who is attracted to Hilaret. Ramble is “saved” by the judge’s wife and the play is resolved by the insertion of Hilaret’s father into the fracas.

By Bernard Miles. Book by Henry Fielding. Lyrics by Lionel Bart, music by Laurie Johnson.

Director: Ron Cameron

Choreographer: Maureen Shone

Musical Director: Don Graves

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


Staff, a constable: Tony Vieira

Watchman: Kevin Nelson

Squeezum, a corrupt justice: Michael Hannigan

Quill, Squeezum’s clerk: Frank J. Mendicino

Mrs. Squeezum: Michele McLaughlin

Sotmore, a gallant: Vernon Hiller

Ramble, a gallant: Glyndwr Thomas James

Brazencourt, an innkeeper: Mary-Anne Taylor /Janice Ward

Politic, a coffee-house politician: John E. Prendergast

Hilaret, Politic’s daughter: Cheryl Hardy (or) Kymberley Huffman

Chloris, Hilaret’s maid: Michelle Anglin (or) Roxanne A.M. Carriere

Dabble, Politic’s friend: Mark D. Candler

Faithful, Politic’s servant: Carla V. M. Devenish

Worthy, an honest justice: Kevin Nelson

Captain Constant, a gallant: Timothy J. Alex (or) Mark Cassius Ferguson


Michele-Marie Beer, Sandy Bickerton, Jane Boswell, Anne-Marie Harkin, Pam Hryskiw, Phillip Hughes, Julain, Kathryn MacDonald, Randy McCormack, Cassel Miles, Linda Randle, Buffy Wallace, Fiona Wheelband, Geoff Whynot, Cathy Woodcock


Lock Up Your Daughters, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Cameron, R. (Director). (1984, November 21 – December 8). Lock up your daughters [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Lock Up Your Daughters, November 21 – December 8, 1984



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