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Explores an enduring legacy of 16th-century English history regarding Henry VIII’s ambitions to divorce his wife so that he could marry his mistress and potentially have an heir and the Chancellor, Sir Thomas More, who defied him and refused to support the divorce. More is framed by political intrigue in the court and is eventually tried and found guilty of treason.

By Robert Bolt.

Director: Jo Havilland

Musical Director: Jean Minielly

Publication Date


Production Year


Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


The Common Man: David C. Eden
Mary, Matthew’s wife: Sharon McFarlane
Sir Thomas More: Peter Giaschi
Lady Margaret More, Sir Thomas’s daughter: Molly Kearns
Lacy Alice More, Sir Thomas’s wife
The Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England: Michael Hannigan
William Roper: Ian Bliss
Master Richard Rich: John Kevin Burnett
Cardinal Wolsey: Douglas Morency
Signor Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador: Frank Mendicino
King Henry The Eighth: John Oleszkewicz
Thomas Cromwell: Nigel Sloan
Thomas Cramner: Archbishop of Canterbury
A Woman: Valentina Sitnik

Servants, Courtiers, Jurors, Peasants, and People of the court
Alex Bako, Paul Cooper, Barbara Fisher, Deborah Kilmartin, Sharon McFarlane, Douglas Morency, Jayme Patchett, John Prendergast, Patricia Robitaille, Dean Thorne, Roxanne Carriere, Shelley Duncan, Jennifer Flindall, Tom Kubinek, Suzanne Merriam, John Oleszkewicz, Teresa Pettit, Joanne Reese, Valentina Sitnik, Sandy Wallace


A Man For All Seasons, King Henry VIII, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Original Citation

Havilland, J. (Director). (1983, April 13 – 23). A man for all seasons [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

A Man For All Seasons, April 13 – 23, 1983



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