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A comedy about the eccentric Brewster family, the spinster aunts, Abby and Martha Brewser, their nephew, Teddy who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt and Mortimer, a successful New Yorker. Mortimer is visiting his aunts to announce his impending marriage to Elaine, the reverend’s daughter and discovers that his aunts are serial killers who poison elderly gentlemen and manipulate their nephew, Teddy into burying the bodies. Mortimer must deal with the travesty of his family which is happily resolved when all three consensually agree to be sent to an asylum. Mortimer luckily discovers that the hereditary insanity that is apparent in his family cannot pass to him as he was adopted into the family and can happily marry Elaine and start a family.

By Joseph Kesselring

Director: Jo Havilland

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Theatre Location

Sheridan Hall Theatre


Abby Brewster: Cheryse LaRocque
The Rev. Dr. Harper: Michael Powell
Teddy Brewster: Kevin Burnett & Greg Lawson
Officer Brophy: Rosalyn Dick
Officer Klein: Bob Wills Jr.
Martha Brewster: Judith E. Carr
Elaine Harper: Joan Henson
Mortimer Brewster: Michael Menegon
Mr. Gibbs: Nigel Sloan
Johnathan Brewster: Jon McMillan
Dr. Einstein: Kevin Pierson
Officer O’Hara: Norm Forrester Jr.
Lieutenant Rooney: Andre Doria
Miss Witherspoon: Wendy Hopkins
Body: George MacMillan


Arsenic and Old Lace, Theatre Sheridan, musical theatre

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Havilland, J. (Director). (1981, November 26 – December 12). Arsenic and old lace [Theatre Performance]. Oakville: Theatre Sheridan.

Arsenic and Old Lace, November 26 – December 12, 1981



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